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For the 2015-2016 season there are approximately 1,350 girls and boys participating in our programs.  We pride ourselves on creating an enjoyable experience for all youths by developing sportsmanship, integrity, and a solid foundation on the rules of the basketball game.  This is all built on our motto of Together We are One.



August 2015 Newsletter



  Time is flying!  I feel like I just sat down to write the July newsletter.  The dog days of August are upon us and the first moans from the kids have begun about the end of summer and the start of school.  Those moans are music to my ears as they tell me we are that much closer to the start of SFYB season!!

While everyone has been battling sunburn, the SFYB Board has been working diligently to prepare us for the 2015-16 season.   This preparation has us going on all fronts (in no particular order of importance):

  • Operations

    • Gym procurement (tough to play without facilities)

      • If anyone is connected and can get us in at new/alternative facilities, please let us know.

    • Equipment counts and procurement (tough to play without balls, etc.)

  • Marketing

    • Refinement and continued development of advertising/sponsorship programs

    • Sales efforts to procure sponsorships (these dollars help defer cost of registration and procure needed equipment)

  • Volunteerism

    • People continue to step up and be counted to help run this 1400 kid program

    • We need more

      • For those interested in being a league commissioner or a coach, don’t worry, the call-to-whistles will be upon us soon

    • Just attending the general membership meeting once a month to provide ideas/suggestions/solutions is a very helpful form of volunteering

      • At the last meeting, we got a great suggestion from attendee Dean Wright who suggested we use Paypal to pay our referees this season and bypass the handling of cash necessary otherwise on game days.

      • Next meeting – this Sunday (see below for details)

    • Did I mention we need more volunteers?

    • Excerpt from May’s letter:

      • I am sure there are plenty of you out there reading this saying “I would love to help, but I don’t know anything about basketball.” There are quite a few people out there who’ve seen me coach that would contend I don’t know anything about basketball either, but that hasn’t kept me from being elected as President! There is plenty to do and lots of opportunities to help outside the basketball court which will greatly benefit our kids and organization. So, if you are a spreadsheet wizard, a webmaster, a strong organizer, or just a get-it-done type person, we can use your help.

    • Send an email to to express interest

  • Planning/Scheduling

    • Waiting on final gym procurement availability to start building our tryout/practice/game schedules

    • Volunteer(s) welcome here

      • We will be using the website league scheduling tools to assist us – they are pretty cool.

  • Coaching our Coaches

    • Keith Mondillo has agreed to handle the role of Coach Development Coordinator (THANK YOU Keith!)

      • More to come here

    • Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

      • Xs and Os /plays/defenses/drills are just part of coaching

        • Understanding that we are coaching youths and the very positive (or negative) impact we can have is very important when you grab your whistle

      • Last season, SFYB partnered with the PCA to provide an online coaching course to our travel head coaches

        • It’s all about how to be a youth coach (not just basketball)

        • It teaches a lot about what you don’t know and educates you on what you didn’t know you didn’t know about coaching youth sports.

      • This year, we have the very ambitious goal of expanding this program to all of our Travel and Rec coaches in the program (roughly 140 coaches). 

        • It comes with a cost, but the investment is well worth it for our coaches and most importantly for our kids.

      • For more info on PCA click here.

  • Registration

    • Big initiative underway to improve our handling of registrations this season

    • Tentative opening of registration: August 24th

    • Stay tuned for more details, but exciting to know it is right around the corner

  • Rec League

    • Rules updates and changes to improve quality of play and player experience

    • Expansion of 3v3 skills/drills format to include Girls and Boys 1st and 2nd grade.

  • Travel

    • Preparation for tryouts

    • Planning Rising Stars Challenge with Cumberland Valley girls travel program

    • Searching for a President’s Day tournament director

      • If anyone likes a logistical challenge, this is fun!

      • We had tremendous success last year and raised a ton of money with a 73 team tournament

      • We learned lots of lessons, which when we apply this year, will make the process a lot easier

  • Twitter

    • We are well below the number of 100 followers set as our goal

      • Given that I was not on Twitter prior to now, I’ll cut you some slack (for now)

    • If you don’t tweet, don’t worry, just setup an account and then follow us @SFYBHoops

      • The tweets will come to you, you don’t have to tweet a single thing

    • We will be using Twitter as a method of communication this season and you will want to be part of it

    • I’m @SFYBPrez

  • Budgeting

    • We are going to implement  a $10 increase in registration fees this year.

      • The fee has stayed consistently low over the years while the costs of running an ever growing organization have increased

        • We’ve had good success with fundraising and we will continue to focus on revenue generation (sponsorships/travel tournament) to defray costs, but we feel this increase is justified at this time to maintain the financial health and stability of our organization and to offer all the services we do.

  •  Website

    • If you haven’t visited the revamped site, please get over there as it is one stop shopping for a lot of info:

  • Community Support

    • Greg Alessandroni and A3 Hoops, in conjunction with Philly Coaches vs Cancer, is running the 2nd Annual Shoot the Lights Out on Cancer Free-Throw Shooting Competition:

        • When: August 29th , 1:00P to 4:00P

        • Where: Spring-Ford 9th Grade Center

        • Where to Donate: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/2ndAnnual

        • Let’s get out there SFYB and show what we’re made of as a community!

        • Thanks to Greg for his tremendous efforts!


More to come in September newsletter:

  • Registration update

  • More on Positive Coaching Alliance training program rollout

  • Update on the Rising Stars Challenge weekend for our girls travel teams vs Cumberland Valley travel program

  • Announcement that we have 100+ followers @SFYBHoops (come on people get your @whatever!!)

  • Announcement of a ton of new volunteers who have stepped up inspired by August newsletter!

Don’t forget – upcoming SFYB meeting:

This Sunday night, August 16th at Limerick Township Building (across from Limerick Bowl) – 7:30p.  Last week we had six attendees!  That was double the last meeting.  It’s getting close to season start, so it would be great if twelve people showed up. 

Remember, it’s your organization.  We, The Board, just run it.

See you Sunday evening,