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For the 2016-2017 season there are approximately 1,450+ girls and boys participating in our programs.  We pride ourselves on creating an enjoyable experience for all youths by developing sportsmanship, integrity, and a solid foundation on the rules of the basketball game.  This is all built on our motto of Together We are One.

Tipping off 2017!!





The SF CV Challenge tipped off on 11/13, with the 7th and 8th grade girls and boys travel teams in action at Cumberland Valley High School.  The 5th and 6th graders followed up on 11/19.  CVYBA was great as they hosted this event for the first time!   Overall the boys went 2-2 and the girls 4-0.  We look forward to next year's edition.


Pictured are the 8th grade girls post game.


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Remember this.........



‘Twas the Night before Rec League


‘Twas the night before Rec League, when all through the town

Not a baller was balling, not even Lebron.

The balls were a’pumped and sitting in a bin,

In hopes that tomorrow would bring us a win.


Most players were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of buzzer beaters danced in their heads.

And Mama in her SFYB sweatshirt and I in my SFYB hat, (SFYB Store is OPEN btw – click here)

Had just settled down for some basketball chat.


When out in the driveway there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter.

My wife thought it funny, as I started to sneeze,

“Take it easy Honey.  The kids are outside hoisting up 3s!”


I ran out the doorway, I had to see it for myself,

What’s going on? What’s happening? Where’s the Elf on the Shelf?

Decked out in Steeler’s gear, so lively and thin,

I knew in a moment, it’s our Rec Director Kevin Christman!


“Kevin, what are you doing?  Why are you in my driveway?”

“No worries, my man, I’m not gonna stay!

I just came to play ball (is this hoop the right height?),

And wish Happy Rec League to all and to all a goodnight!”


Few days are more exciting on the SFYB calendar than Rec League Eve, so as we look forward to the tipoff of our Rec League season tomorrow night, let’s take a quick run through of it all…


By the numbers:

  • 136 boys and girls rec teams from 1st through HS = 1314 players, 250+ coaches and 450+ balls across 10 facilities.

  • 24 team, Boys Pro League (High School) – that’s twice as many teams as the WNBA and only a couple less than the NBA.

  • Megan Wescott has begun the monumental task of loading the 800+ game schedule onto the League website (Full rec schedule to be released once travel league schedules are finalized – December 14th maybe.  Games WILL be played weekend of Dec. 16-18th with times and gyms TBD by 14th.  Stay tuned).  And, oh yeah, we’ve got over 1600 practices on the schedule as well.

  • You can thank Jarrett Cummings for handling the task of jerseys and coaches shirts for the entire Rec program.  That’s a LOT of sizes, colors and numbers to be gathered and distributed. A LOT!


New programs:

Upon the completion of the 2015-2016 season, the Board engaged on a number of value-add initiatives which have come to fruition for the SFYB Rec League 2016-2017 season:

  • Usage of the SF High School gyms for games

  • Crossover games with Perkiomen Valley rec league

  • Addition of Boys Pro League Player representatives (Anthony Dabbundo and Dan Carr) to the Board


Important MUSTs:

We ALL need to be aware of and comply with the following during our season 2016-2017 season:

  • Do NOT prop open any doors in any facilities (for both safety and security reasons this is important).  If you see a propped open door, promptly shut it.  All facilities have designated “open” door(s) that must be used.

  • If you have the early practice, do not enter, or attempt to enter, a gym prior to your stated start time (6:00 or 6:15 or 7:15 depending on the facility).

  • Only coaches should be speaking with the custodians.    If you have an issue requiring custodial support, discuss it with your coach.

  • NO outside balls are allowed in the buildings.

  • NO usage of basketballs anywhere BUT inside the gyms.

  • Siblings should be supervised at all times and should not be in the hallways or on the stages or touching any school property.  If you don’t think this applies to your kids, then you are exactly the parent we are talking to here.

  • There should be no younger siblings dropped off and unsupervised in any building.  This one seems like a no brainer, but, so just, yeah…

  • If you have the late practice, be out of the gym promptly at 9:30 and ensure it is left clean.

  • If you have the late practice and the baskets are not at 10 feet, please raise them to 10 feet before leaving.

  • Apply common sense and common courtesy AT ALL TIMES and encourage others to do the same.


Supporting our Players:

This is going to be the biggest section because I believe it to be the most important.  Players (at all levels) respond better, play better and have more fun from POSITIVE cheering, comments and coaching.  So, as we attend games throughout the season, please remember the following:

  • Positive/supportive cheering!!!

  • Refrain from coaching from the sidelines: “Shoot!!!”, “Dribble!!”, “Pass!”, ”Help!”, “Take him/her!”

    • A.k.a. “The Joystick Parent”, you may think it is helping the player, but it is not.  By the time you yell, the moment is already gone and all you are doing is contributing to the mayhem the player is trying to process.

    • Also don’t ref from the sidelines/bleachers. Just don’t – you and everyone around you will enjoy the game more.

  • More positive/supportive cheering – here are some of my faves:

    • “That’s the way!”

    • “Good going!”

    • “Nice shot!”

    • “Great pass!”

    • “Nice hustle!”

    • “Woohoo!”

    • “Great screen!”

    • “Awesome D (insert team color here) team!”

  • Look for the effort and not the result

    • Turnovers are going to happen and shots are going to get air-balled.   I know this because it happens every night on TV when I watch NBA games. 

    • Applaud the fact the kids are trying their hardest regardless of what may happen during the game or on the scoreboard.

  • “But Roland, we ARE keeping SCORE.  Winning DOES matter, doesn’t it?”

    • Believe me, I get it.  I’m very competitive.  I’ve learned, though, you cannot control the scoreboard, or who you play.  All you can focus on is whether your team is giving their best, learning to get better and learning from their mistakes.  If they are doing those things, then they will play better and that effects the results on the scoreboard positively.

    • “That’s it, Roland – play hard, play smart, play tough?”

      •  Those are the goals for every practice and game.   That’s what you should be encouraging of/cheering for our players.

    • Our hope is that there are a ton of crazy, close games and everyone gets a shot to win their share.

    • And, oh yeah just another reminder, don’t talk to/yell at the officials:

      • They aren’t going to ref better as a result

      • They are likely making mistakes on both sides of the game.   Again, watch an NBA game, there are missed/bad calls all night long.  They need an entire video replay crew to get things right.  Consider that your expectations might be a bit high for a Rec League game.

      • You sound like a bitter (not better) person

      • It’s the coach’s job, not yours, to speak with the officials.  And they should be light on the chatter with the refs as well

    • Help out your coaches and commissioners:

      • Be IN and OUT of the gyms on time!

      • Pick up a piece of trash here and there when you see it.  Yes, I know it wasn’t yours.  Please pick it up anyway.

      • Remind all kids, even if they aren’t yours, to stay out of the hallway.


  • Please consider taking the Positive Coaching Alliance Second Goal Parent course being offered at our negotiated discounted rate of $15.   It will help you be a better sports parent if you want to be.  Here’s the code:  SpringFordBball3    Click here to take it.



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