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Welcome to Spring-Ford Youth Basketball's home on the web!


For the 2015-2016 season there are approximately 1,350 girls and boys participating in our programs.  We pride ourselves on creating an enjoyable experience for all youths by developing sportsmanship, integrity, and a solid foundation on the rules of the basketball game.  This is all built on our motto of Together We are One.




- No outside basketballs are allowed in the gyms. 

- No outside drinks are allowed including coffees for those early games. 

- Only park in designated areas  

Remember we are guests of the school district.  If we don't follow their guidelines, we can lose our rights to the gyms.


Spring-Ford Youth Nights are Set


Once again the Spring-Ford Youth Basketball League players will be guests of the High School Basketball Teams.  This has always been an exciting and entertaining event for all.  Activities are planned throughout the evening.  There may even be a Rec Basketball Official in the stands leading the Basketball League in cheers.  


The events will be over two different nights as follows:


Youth night at the Girls game is on Tuesday night 2/2 against Phoenixville
Youth night at the boys game is on Friday night 1/29 against PV


Homework that night should be watching your Rams.  Ask for those homework passes now and we'll see you at the games.


B3 Rams are Champs of the Bensalem Tournament


The Rams recent went 5-0 in Bensalem Tourney to claim their 2nd tourney win of the year.    All of the Champs scored in the process which was a great accomplishment and dedicated teamwork.  In its tournament run, the Team beat Towamencin, Bensalem, Somerton, Lenape Valley, and PV.  Not only was their offense in mid season form, but their defense held the opponents in check.


One of the many highlights of the tournament occurred in the final game against PV.  With time winding down and the team down by two points, one of the stars on the Rams was able to nail a buzzer beater half court shot allowing the Rams to go up 14-13 at halftime.  It was a lead that they were able to maintain and even extend, as they captured their 2nd tournament of the season.


The boys are coached by Jeff Flynn with GT Pufko and Denny Owens helping as assistants. Below is a picture of the Champs.  Great work Team!





Great Showing in the Spooky Nook Holiday Tournament


The Spring-Ford Boys “A” Travel Team started the 2016 calendar year with a bang by winning the 2nd Annual Spooky Nook I.H.E. Basketball Tournament in Lancaster, PA on January 3, 2016. In the team’s first game, the Spring-Ford boys pulled away from the home town team, Hempfield Township, to win by 14 points. In the second game of the day, the West York Bulldogs gave Spring-Ford all they could handle and led for almost the entire game. However, the trademark “lock down” defense and clutch offense that helped this SF team win an ICBA Championship last season showed up just in time to allow the SF Boys to go on an 11-0 run in the last 3:23 of the game to get the win by a score of 31-24. On Sunday, Spring-Ford jumped all over an overmatched Belair team and led at halftime 34-6. The SF boys went on to cruise to a 44-15 victory to get themselves into the championship game. In the finale, despite a poor shooting performance, Spring-Ford held off a pesky St. Joseph’s of York squad 31-28 to capture their first tournament win of the season. Spring-Ford got great balanced effort by all 10 players, and were led in scoring by Alex Lewis and Ty Mishock, who scored 30 and 20 points, respectively, over the four games). 



Below is a picture of the Champs.  Also the 6th and 8th grades boys teams finished runner-up. 


Nice work Rams!




‘Twas the Night before Rec League


‘Twas the night before Rec League, when all through the town

Not a baller was balling, not even Lebron.

The balls were a’pumped and sitting in a bin,

In hopes that tomorrow would bring us a win.


Most players were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of buzzer beaters danced in their heads.

And Mama in her SFYB sweatshirt and I in my SFYB hat, (SFYB Store is OPEN btw – click here)

Had just settled down for some basketball chat.


When out in the driveway there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter.

My wife thought it funny, as I started to sneeze,

“Take it easy Honey.  The kids are outside hoisting up 3s!”


I ran out the doorway, I had to see it for myself,

What’s going on? What’s happening? Where’s the Elf on the Shelf?

Decked out in Steeler’s gear, so lively and thin,

I knew in a moment, it’s our Rec Director Kevin Christman!


“Kevin, what are you doing?  Why are you in my driveway?”

“No worries, my man, I’m not gonna stay!

I just came to play ball (is this hoop the right height?),

And wish Happy Rec League to all and to all a goodnight!”



Okay, so I’m no Clement Clarke Moore, but you get the picture.  We are about to kickoff a wonderful time of the year – the start to our Rec League season.  


Some quick data points: 


  • We have 800+ games scheduled and 1600+ practices on behalf of 127 teams and 1219 players.  Oh yeah – that’s ~440 basketballs in action across 9 facilities through February.


Important MUSTs to be aware of and comply with during our season:


  • Stay out of the schools until the designated times (no one gets in early – there are NO exceptions)

  • Please depart the schools promptly following the last games and last practices of the day/night.

  • Keep all the kids out of the hallways.  Keep EVERYONE in the gyms.

  • Except for player water bottles, no food or drink in the gyms.


If we have learned anything from sports psychology, it is that players (at all levels) respond better, play better and have more fun from POSITIVE cheering, comments and coaching.  So, as we attend games throughout the season, please remember the following:


  • Positive/supportive cheering


  • Don’t talk to the officials


  • Refrain from coaching from the sidelines: “Shoot!!!”, “Dribble!!”, “Pass!”, ”Help!”, “Take him/her!”

    • You may think it is helping the player, but it is not.  By the time you yell, the moment is already gone and all you are doing is contributing to the mayhem the player is trying to process.


  • More positive/supportive cheering


  • Look for the effort and not the result

    • Turnovers are going to happen and shots are going to get air-balled.   I know this because it happens every night on TV when I watch NBA games. 

    • Applaud the fact the kids are trying their hardest regardless of what may happen during the game or on the scoreboard.


  • “But Roland, we ARE keeping SCORE.  Winning DOES matter, doesn’t it?”

    • Believe me, I get it.  I’m very competitive.  I’ve learned, though, you cannot control the scoreboard, or who you play.  All you can focus on is whether your team is giving their best, learning to get better and learning from their mistakes.  If they are doing those things, then they will play better and that affects the results on the scoreboard positively.

  • “That’s it, Roland – play hard, play smart, play tough?”

    •  Those are the goals for every practice and game.   That’s what you should be encouraging of/cheering for our players.

    • Our hope is that there are a ton of crazy, close games and everyone gets a shot to win their share.


  • And, oh yeah, don’t talk to the officials:

    • They aren’t going to ref better as a result

    • They are likely making mistakes on both sides of the game.   Again, watch an NBA game, there are missed/bad calls all night long.  They need an entire video replay crew to get things right.  Consider that your expectations might be a bit high for a Rec League game.

    • You sound like a bitter (not better) person

    • It’s the coach’s job, not yours, to speak with the officials.  And they should be light on the chatter with the refs as well


  • Help out your coaches and commissioners:

    • Remind all kids, even if they aren’t yours, to stay out of the hallway.

    • Pick up a piece of trash here and there when you see it.  Yes, I know it wasn’t yours.  Please pick it up anyway.

    • Be IN and OUT of the gyms on time!


Please consider taking the Positive Coaching Alliance Second Goal Parent course being offered at our negotiated discounted rate of $15.   It will help you be a better sports parent if you want to be.  Here’s the code:  SpringFordBball3    Click here to take it.


Make no mistake – we are the BIGGEST and the BEST league far and wide.  I want to thank our, aforementioned, Rec League Director Kevin Christman working in conjunction with our Registrar Cindy Dengler, our VP Jeff Flynn and our Master Scheduler Bob Wilding and their respective volunteer teams for getting us to this point.   They make it look easy, but without their very dedicated efforts and abilities, none of this would be possible.


And, like our Man said, “Happy Rec League to all and to all a goodnight!”





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