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Welcome to Spring-Ford Youth Basketball's home on the web!


For the 2016-2017 season there are approximately 1,450+ girls and boys participating in our programs.  We pride ourselves on creating an enjoyable experience for all youths by developing sportsmanship, integrity, and a solid foundation on the rules of the basketball game.  This is all built on our motto of Together We are One.



Coach Stanton Assists with Travel Teams


Coach Dennis Stanton provided some great training sessions to our travel teams.  Coach Stanton has been very active in our program offering his services.  If interested in any type of training for your child, please call Coach Stanton at 215-284-7134 or email him at Dennis@EveryLevelBasketball.com.  You can also visit his website at www.everylevelbasketball.com.  Below are some picture from a recent training session.


Thanks Coach!



Crown Trophy Donating Tournament Trophies - Again!!!


Crown Trophy located in Kimberton, PA is once again donating the  travel trophies for this year's President Day Tournament.  Crown Trophy has been a provider of many awards for the youth program over the years and the league is very grateful for their participation.


Crown is open six days a week and has a wide range of products for every event.  Please check them out at http://www.crowntrophy.com/store-30 or call them at Phone: 610-935-8145


Thanks Crown Trophy!


Wegman's Donates Water to the Tournament

Wegman's is known for a great selection of fresh food.  For the annual Spring-Ford President's Day tournament they also were known for donating many cases of water to help with tournament expenses.  A yearly sponsor for the league, we are ever grateful for their generiosity. 

Thanks Wegman's

Tournament Champions


Thanks for attending our President's day Tournament.  Below are some of the Champions.  Congratulations to all of the teams!


5th Grade Girls


















5th Grade Boys





6th Grade Boys





8th Grade Boys


SFYB Nation Cheers on Nova


 The SFYB was well represented at the Villanova/Virginia game on Sunday January 29.  Over 200 SFYB Fans attended the game and helped set a new record for attendance at a collegiate game at the Wells Fargo Center. 

The game was exciting with Villanova winning on a last second tip in.  Below is a picture of SFYB Nation getting their picture taken with the National Championship trophy.


Go Cats!!!!!!!!!!



Court Rules Reminder



Please keep in mind the following when attending any game at any school


1) Only league supplied basketballs are allowed in the schools.


2) Only water is permitted in the gyms for the players.  Coffee, soda, power drinks, and food are not allowed


3) Park in designated areas.  Do not park in fire lanes especially at the 5/6 grade center.  There is a parking lot behind the school that has its own entrance.


These are school district rules.  The school district has been very accommodating in allowing us to use their gyms so please abide by them.


Also, if someone from the league asks you to discard your food or drink, please be respectful as they are only doing do so to help in keeping a strong working relationship with the School District


The Team Store is NOW OPEN!


Click on the link below to take you to a variety of items for purchase




Dick's Sporting Goods Coupons


Dick's is a big supporter of our basketball league. 


Click on the picture below for coupons that you can download